Are you a REALTOR with a home to sell and a deadline that must be met?

Does your home require a bit of work?

Why waste valuable time finding and coordinating with multiple vendors — when we are a one stop solution?

Do you wish you had one honest reliable company handling the details with quality work and a fair competitive price?

When your deadline must be met, then call...

B and B Services

B&B Services is the Solution.

Call 650-207-2969

Called On Friday - Completed By Monday

The home had to ready by Monday. We called B&B Services on Friday. They came in and fixed all the mistakes from the previous painter on Sunday. They had all the crown molding, base, trim and room fully painted by Monday afternoon!

Home Service
Stop wasting valuable time with multiple vendors. B&B Services is here to provide a one-stop shop experience. When you need a home ready by the deadline, B&B gets the job done right.
The Real Estate Professional's Choice
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